Hi Guys, Recently I noticed that there are a problem while purchasing from themeforest using paypal. I was also in his problem a few days ago but I recovered this in a way. As I see that many people are posting reply to a thread on themeforest, so I am writing this post. I hope it will help a lot of  guys….

This payment cannot be completed and your account has not been charged. Please contact your merchant for more information.

However, The problem happens when you’re purchasing using your pc… But if you purchase using your mobile phone then the problem won’t happen. I mean the problem only happens with desktop version of paypal. So you may easily buy with mobile version.

Now, the problem is what if you don’t have any mobile device ??

Nothing to worry, you can make your pc a mobile device by simply changing user agent. Which is pretty simple to do. Here I am going to show you how to change user agent of your pc/Browser :

Changing User Agent in Chrome Browser :

You have to use an extension to change user agent in chrome. I use this & it works nicely :


After installing this extension you will see an icon on the top right of address bar.

Click On That Icon >> Slect IOS >> iPhone/iPad

Changing User Agent in FireFox Browser :

For Firefox you may use this one or any other that you prefer to change user agent :


Changing User Agent in Safari Browser :

Launch Safari. From the Safari menu bar top of your screen click Safari. From the drop down menu click Preferences then select the Advanced tab.

Select: Show Develop menu in menu bar

Now from the Safari menu bar again, click Develop > User Agent


Okay, After Changing user agent you can simply enter themeforest & then process payment with paypal… Everything will work nicely…

Please leave a comment if you have any question or if it helps.

Thank you
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