PHP & WordPress Developer since 2011

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I always respond to queries within fastest possible time.

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I ensure that whatever I’ve done is done perfectly & quickly.

Clean code

I keep my coding clean & simple which makes it easier to understand to others.


I am a Web Developer with Years of Experience. I specially work with WordPress. I Develop Custom WordPress Themes & Plugins. I have Free Plugin on WordPress.org & Premium plugin for sale on Codecanyon. Interesting ? Let’s have a look at my portfolio!

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Projects I like to work on

I work with any Php, WordPress & shopify projects.
Here’s a list but not the least of what kind of projects I work on.

WordPress Theme & Plugin Development

I Develop custom WordPress themes and plugins according to your requirements.

Web Application Development

I Develop custom web based applications using php & mysql according to your needs.

Error Fixing, Migration & Other WP Task

I love to fix errors and provide similar quick support like ssl installation, site migration and more like those.

Web Server Management

I manage linux based web servers. Do optimization to the server to make it run smoothly.


I’ve worked on hundreds of projects in last few years
Let’s have a look at a few top ones


Here are a few free WordPress Plugins by me

Premium WordPress Plugin

Premium WordPress Plugin Developed by me.

Other Web Projects

Some other misc. Web projects can be found here.

Client Testimonials

Let’s have a look at a few comments I received from clients.

It was excellent in working with him, even if there are difficulties on the way he will come up with different solution ideas. He is someone to work with next time.

Lisa Roberts

I am beyond impressed! I hired Abdul at 6:34pm and he finished the job at 7:39pm. He transferred two sites and my email to a new web hosting service. Will definitely hire again in a heartbeat! Thank you!


Great service. I couldnt be more lucky to find this person. Thx u for the great job!


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Latest Articles

I like to write about things I do occasionally. Here are the latest ones for you

Replace spaces in File and Folder names recursively in macOs Terminal

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Announcing version 2.0 of zipCF php script

It’s been a while since I started zipCF project in 2016. Many people used to visit the articles everyday which makes it obvious that the script became a little famous[…]

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Generate Dynamic Sitemap for Specific filetypes inside a folder recursively using php

Today, I needed to create an xml sitemap for all the pdf files under a directory as well as inside the sub directories of that directory. Doing that manually requires[…]

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