I was working to migrate a website from a server to another, After doing migration of all the files and database I’ve pointed the domain to the new server. That’s when the weird things starts. Normally dns propagation takes some time. In some cases it takes only a few minutes but in other cases it may require upto 24 hours.

However, The domain I was working on started weird behaviour, sometimes it shows the website, sometimes throws a 404 error which makes things confusing. So I thought about a way to know which server its pointing to.

Started reasearch and within a few minutes, I got an awesome addon for Mozilla firefox. This addon displays the currently visiting site’s ip on browser toolbar. That’s pretty awesome and exactly what I needed. With this addon I can identify which server the domain is pointing to.

So, Here’s the addon for you who may need this for displaying website ip on browser toolbar:
Click Here to go to Addon Page