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[Solved] How to change Ratings/Reviews for Plugins on WordPress.org Repository ?

In some cases you may want to change your rating/review for a particular plugin on wordpress.org . The procedure is pretty simple and takes just a few seconds. Just Replace the plugin slug (To the plugin you want to change rating for) in the url below and go to that link to change rating/review for…
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Why There should be a Reporting System for Ratings on WordPress.org Repository ?

Today, I received a 1 star review from a user on one of my plugins hosted on wordpress.org repository. Which is surely a fake review or the user was having some issue with his connection. The issue could be submitted as a Support thread if he really needed the plugin to work. But no, he…
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Well, Facebook is the most popular social media in todays world. Many Website owners like to display a Facebook Like box on their website. It helps to engage users on Facebook page and also get some more fans! I’ll share a very simple way to add a Nice Facebook Like box which uses latest Facebook…
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Envato Author Rates Percentage Table

This post is for envato authors who is looking for a list/table of envato payment percentage . Envato had a page like this before but a few days ago they changed it to a slider, which does not show exact amount of $. This is why I am going to put the schedule here for…
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Search all files inside a folder for some text/string

Sometimes we may have to find a particular text/string inside a folder & subfolder. Its a pretty time consuming job when you open all the files one by one with a text editor & find the particular string. Isn’t it ? Obviously Yes, I faced this issue personally & after that I found a way to…
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