A Smarter way to Display pdf files on wordpress site!

Did you ever thought about Displaying pdf files of your wordpress site with a nice viewer like Adobe Reader ?
Its now very easily possible with PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin!

PDF Viewer for WordPress is a simple plugin Provides a nice interface to view pdf files on your site. Now you can embed pdf files with a nice viewer directly on any page/post of your wordpress website.  Also, It comes with another shortcode with that you can allow a particular pdf file open with viewer.

This is a great & useful plugin if you want to display pdf files of your site with a nice viewer like Acrobat reader. It comes with page navigation, Download, Print, Presentation mode & lot more cool tools.

It can be integrated with amazon s3 as well. Just send me an email & I’ll tell you the way to integrate.


  1. Automatically find pdf links & activate viewer if you choose that option.
  2. Embed pdf with a feature rich viewer on WordPress page/post
  3. Feature Rich Admin Panel & Shortcodes
  4. Share pdf on social networks
  5. Send link to friend via email
  6. Enable/Disable social sharing
  7. Enable/Disable Print Option
  8. Enable/Disable Download Option
  9. Enable/Disable Presentation mode
  10. Enable/Disable Find Option
  11. Enable/Disable Logo
  12. Enable/Disable Zoom
  13. Enable/Disable Page Navigation
  14. Enable/Disable auto linking of pdf links to viewer
  15. Brand viewer with you own logo
  16. Logo links to homepage of your site
  17. 2 Shortcodes with lots of parameters.
  18. Shortcode for viewing pdf file on any post/page
  19. Shortcode to add a text link to your pdf file on any post/page
  20. Fully Responsive PDF viewer
  21. Style & Customize all the single items.
  22. Compatible with Internet Explorer & most browsers
  23. Fast & smooth user experience
  24. It uses jQuery to replace url’s automatically which won’t effect on your Site’s SEO if you use the plugin on old site.


This plugin is very easy to use. Just install the plugin & configure options according to your needs. Please follow the link below for full documentation :

PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin Documentation


=== 1.3 (5 August 2014) === 

  • Fixed Automatic Linking issue

=== 1.2 (20 July 2014) === 

  • Fixed Logo Formatting
  • More Clear & Nice Admin Interface
  • Replaced split function so its compatible with php 5.3+
  • Added More Screenshots

=== 1.1 (7 July 2014) === 

  • Fixed Compatibility Issue with Safari Browser
  • Fixed Social Media Icon aligning
  • Fixed Responsive Issues=== 1.0 (7 July 2014) ===
  • First Release


Popup.js =  http://docs.toddish.co.uk/popup/

Pdf.js = http://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/

Live Demo

Any Comments or features requests are always welcome. Please feel free to let us know if you have any kind of questions or suggestions to improve PDF viewer for WordPress Plugin.