Many of the web servers file managers doesn’t provide a way to extract zip archives which is a huge pain. Normally I use Filezilla as ftp software and it doesn’t have any feature like this. Filezilla Downbloads each file individually, so if I download a folder with thousands of files, it takes too much time. But, If I compress the folder and download, it takes just a few minutes!

Thats why I did a search on google today and found a very useful script for uncompressing/extracting/unzipping files easily on web server. So, Here’s the script that’s called Unzipper

  1. This script is very easy to use, Just upload the unzipper.php to your server (specifically inside the folder where you have the zip file to extract). Now, go to your browser and open the location of unzipper.php file.
  2. You’ll see a select input box which contains a list of zipped files in the folder. You can select any file and click on unzip archive.
  3. It will start working right away and display success message upon completion.
  4. Thats all you need to do…
  5. After it completes extraction, you’ll see a new folder in the folder where you had the zip file with name of the zip file. That’s the extracted folder!

Download Uzipper Script Now