How to extract zip files Easily on Web Server

Many of the web servers file managers doesn’t provide a way to extract zip archives which is a huge pain. Normally I use Filezilla as ftp software and it doesn’t have any feature like this. Filezilla Downbloads each file individually, so if I download a folder with thousands of files, it takes too much time. But, If I compress the folder and download, it takes just a few minutes!

Thats why I did a search on google today and found a very useful script for uncompressing/extracting/unzipping files easily on web server. So, Here’s the script that’s called Unzipper

  1. This script is very easy to use, Just upload the unzipper.php to your server (specifically inside the folder where you have the zip file to extract). Now, go to your browser and open the location of unzipper.php file.
  2. You’ll see a select input box which contains a list of zipped files in the folder. You can select any file and click on unzip archive.
  3. It will start working right away and display success message upon completion.
  4. Thats all you need to do…
  5. After it completes extraction, you’ll see a new folder in the folder where you had the zip file with name of the zip file. That’s the extracted folder!

Download Uzipper Script Now


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  3. machrus says:

    Thanks, very helpful.

    Work well!!!

  4. Bayejid Ahmed says:

    Many many thanks. It is working fine 02.12.2016

  5. Saad says:

    I don’t see an option to overwrite existing files? Is it possible witthis?

  6. RayMan says:

    Thanks so much Abdul. You make the internet a better place.

  7. momo says:

    Thank you a lot Bro you really save my day

  8. lia says:

    thank you so much!! so helpful!

  9. shamzeela says:

    Superb. Thank you so much.

  10. Earid Ahmed says:

    Whenever I use hosting your tutorial save my life lol

  11. i have problem my in on (/) folder, not in (public_html) so i can’t access unziper.php from web browser address..

    How to acess unzipper.php in my case ?

  12. Trio Susilo says:

    thankyou. work well . zip CP cannot work. but this unzipper.php work very well to unzip.
    I try to zip too and work!!. thanyou

  13. Yose says:


  14. Edgar KAMDEM says:

    Thousand thanks,
    You saved me

  15. Martin says:

    Great work, thanks a lot !

    I’m getting a 504 error though, any idea why ?

  16. Imnet Worku says:

    You ‘re incredible. My highest gratitude for this amazing job brother.

  17. Drees Hoek says:

    Can the script start right away? Instead of confirming first.

    to make a cronjob.

  18. Hasan Fathy says:

    that’s was great, thanks abdul, salam

  19. Ludovick says:

    Thanks! You are the best

  20. peter reid says:

    Thank you for this solution. Really solved a problem for me moving a large site. Will share!

  21. this script is amazing.

  22. Jeff says:

    Brilliant! Solved a problem I had so quickly – after I had wasted over an hour looking for a solution.

  23. ken says:

    thanks man

  24. Thanaen says:

    Well, you .php page is still saving lives in 2017!

  25. Roman says:

    This is amazing, thank so you much!

  26. mkelley says:

    Awesome script! Thanks for sharing! I also checked out the “zip” script that you shared, love it! For anyone else who needs to zip files using Filezilla, see here:

  27. Anton Thorn says:

    still works! 7/25/18

  28. André says:

    Thank you so much!

  29. Stonez says:

    Great script! Thanks!

  30. Kyle says:

    Thank you just testing now! 78000+ files to unzip hope it works

  31. Kyle says:


  32. Rams says:

    Thanks it worked on one of my server. Other server says “Status: Error: Your PHP version does not support unzip functionality.” which version of PHP is needed for this script to work.

  33. Rahmat says:

    It works trust me

  34. Usman Saleem says:

    Hey man. I don’t comment normally but love what you did. Thanks a lot, works flawlessly.

  35. Ronald Ssesanga says:

    id marry you right now….hahah. Thanks a great deal

  36. […] few days ago I’ve shared a php script to unzip files. After that I received a few queries for a different script that will create zip files with content […]

  37. Suyog says:

    I got permission error,

    failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/unzipper.php on line 134

  38. Engin says:

    brother you saved my life, thanks!!

  39. Katja says:

    Thank you, comes in handy, checked the script before execution – works like a charm!

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